Sustainable Stakeholder Framework for Hotels : Supporting Sustainable Tourism Management in Vlora, Albania

University essay from KTH/Industriell ekonomi och organisation (Inst.)

Abstract: This study aims to create a sustainable tourism stakeholder framework for hotels in Vlora, a popular tourist destination in southeast European country Albania. As tourism is one of the major driving forces towards better social and economical conditions in Albania but simultaneously poses threats towards nearby ecosystems and protected areas, local traditions and cultures and small suppliers, the importance of sustainability in the industry has risen as a top priority. Conducted on behalf of UNDP Albania, the stakeholder framework aims to function as an outline for a sustainable management plan, leading to future eco-certi cation for hotels. The stakeholder framework, which includes  five-key stakeholder categories; operational, employees, clients, suppliers and local community, each with well tested CSR-practices linked to them, aims to promote sustainable development for the entire destination. The hotel, placed in the center, isused as a driving force towards closer collaborations with other stakeholder categories. The framework was tested on Vlora's largest hotel actor, Regina Hotel Group, through a questionnaire and interviews with four top management executives. The key findings show that Regina Hotel Group has come far in their social sustainability, in particular regarding employees and local suppliers, but lack in sustainability training, leading to lower awareness and sustainability mainly being implemented for financial reasons. Lastly, a recommendation with examples of short- and long-term implementations is presented for the hotel, connected to each stakeholder category.

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