Communicating with a Smart Pillbox via Near Field Communication (NFC) : A Mobile Application for Healthcare Professionals

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: The lack of medication adherence leads to an incremental risk of diseases which can be a major burden on the individual, healthcare system, and society. Hence, healthcare professionals have a central role and should manage, guide, educate, and make their patient more involved in their treatment and thereby promoting a better medication adherence. Medication adherence is a great challenge for many patients with chronic conditions, elderly patient, or patient prescribed to long-term medication. The rapid development and deployment of mobile phones in the healthcare industry has an important role to play in this area and has led to the development of new phone features and applications that can help both caregivers and patients with managing and monitoring medication intakes. This development and support of mobile phones and applications have created and improved doctor-patient interaction. Today, there is no easy way for healthcare professionals to monitor and help patients with their medication intakes. A solution to this problem is to develop a mobile application that communicates with a smart pillbox via near field communication (NFC) to monitor, manage, and improve patient’s medication intakes in an easy and accessible manner. Using NFC as a communication technology allows data to be wirelessly transferred from phone to pillbox and vice versa. This solution will help healthcare professionals to create better treatment conditions and fewer side effects for their patients. These patients will be more knowledgeable and motivated to take greater responsibility in following doctor’s instructions, thereby improving their treatment process. The application is tested and evaluated during every iteration phase of the development process. These tests have been conducted by allowing healthcare professionals to test the application and provide feedback on their experience when using the app. Conducting these tests have helped with generating new ideas, features, and functionalities, but also helped to improve the user interface to make the application as user-friendly as possible.

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