A CasADi Based Toolchain For JModelica.org

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för reglerteknik

Author: Björn Lennernäs; [2013]

Keywords: Technology and Engineering;

Abstract: Computer-aided modeling for simulation, optimization and analysis is increasingly used for product development in industry today, resulting in high demands on the tools used. A tool chain for transferring interpreted code of the modeling languages Modelica and Optimica from the simulation and optimization tool JModelica.org to CasADi has been implemented. CasADi provides several desirable features, most importantly an integrated and ecient automatic dierentiation engine and the ability to interactively work with the systems expressed using it. The biggest problems solved to enable this were the creation of a representation of the mathematical systems described by Modelica and Optimica code that is integrated with CasADi, and the construction of a transfer scheme for moving information from the Java-based JModelica.org compiler to C++ in which CasADi resides. This was successfully achieved for a continuous subset of Modelica and Optimica that may contain functions.

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