Data acquisition of pressure and heart beat rate using TinyOS for e-health care application

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi och medier

Abstract: The objective of the presented report focuses on the data acquisition of pressure and heart beat rates from external sensors over the TinyOS 2.x platform. This sensing application may be used in the e-health care field in order to sample the data information. The designed test-bed consists of several hardware devices, containing an MIB520CB USB interface board, two MICAz motes, an MDA300CA data acquisition board and external sensors for the pressure and heart beat rate. The programming language is NesC,which is used to build applications under the TinyOS 2.x environment. Data information is sampled from the external sensors, and this is then realized by the mote via the on-board ADC channel. The values are then transferred from one mote to another over radio communication. Finally, the expected results are transmitted to the PC by using serial communication. The report also discusses the sensing outcomes in order to determine the practical usage of the sensor devices. This project represents a common sensing application in wireless sensor networks, demonstrating a small case within the e-health care monitoring system. In order to meet the specific demands and to save resources, the wireless sensor networks are widely used in various applications. The designed test-bed could be also deployed as a part of larger-scale wireless sensor networks in order to achieve the requirements in relation to the sensing data information for further detailed use in future work.

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