Operation and Maintenance of offshore wind farms

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Abstract: Objective The main objective is to investigate in what way O&M of offshore wind farms can be modelled in Systecon’s simulation tool, SIMLOX. The interim objective is to understand how maintenance of offshore wind farms is carried out and how this is related to costs and revenues. Theory Theory mainly covers the areas of O&M, offshore wind power, life cycle profit and maintenance strategies. Theory also presents existing simulation tools for O&M of offshore wind farms. Conclusions The authors stated that accessibility is the most significant feature for O&M of offshore wind farms. In brief, wind speed has impact on wind turbine reliability, choice of transportation mode and wind farm accessibility. Decreased reliability, vessels restricted from performing O&M tasks and low accessibility are factors that drive O&M costs. Furthermore wind enables energy production and thus wind is a value driver too. Embracing a life cycle profit approach enhances the support organisation to support business and focus on revenue. Energy yield increases if O&M tasks are performed at low wind speed; hence it’s a maintenance performance indicator that captures the embracement of a life cycle profit approach. The authors summarized what operators demand from a simulation tool. The summary was presented in the apple framework that consists of key functionalities and key outputs. Above all the investigation of key functionalities and key outputs showed that SIMLOX has the capability to model wind as both a cost and value driver. This relationship is important to regard since it’s characteristic for O&M of offshore wind farms. Further, this is something that hasn´t been ceased in any of the competitors’ simulation tools that have been investigated in this report. The investigated simulation tools merely capture wind speed in a restrictive manner.

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