Design of a Secure Network Management System

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik

Abstract: The size and complexity of local area and wide area networks are continually growing and so do the requirements of high availability. Today we rely on the technology and it should always work. Network management is therefore getting more and more important. Network management includes: monitoring and isolating faults, measuring performance, configuring the resources, making sure the network is secured and more. Since in the early 1990s the management has typically been done with SNMPv1 or CMIP and using the client/server model. SNMPv1 is insecure, CMIP is complex and the traditional centralized paradigm is no longer sufficient to handle the management requirements of large networks. As the demands for security and flexibility increases, new ways to manage networks are needed. This research tries to find out how a network management system should function, what management protocol to use, how to enhance the flexibility and how to make the system more secure.

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