Configuration and device identification on networkgateways

University essay from KTH/Data- och elektroteknik (Stängd 20130701)

Author: Simon Kers; [2013]

Keywords: linux; gateway; port forwarding;


To set up port forwarding rules on network gateways, certain technical skills are requiredfrom end-users. These assumptions in the gateway software stack, can lead to an increasein support calls to network operators and resellers of customer premises equipment. Theuser interface itself is also an important part of the product and a complicated interfacewill contribute to a lessened user experience. Other issues with an overwhelming userinterface include the risk of faulty configuration by the user, potentially leaving the networkvulnerable to attacks.We present an enhancement of the current port forwarding configuration in the gatewaysoftware, with an extensible library of presets along with usability improvements. To helpusers with detecting available services, a wrapper for a network scanner is implemented, fordetecting devices and services on the local network. These parts combined relieves end-usersof looking up forwarding rules for ports and protocols to configure their gateway, basingtheir decisions on data collected by the network scanner or by using an applications nameinstead of looking up its ports. Another usability improvement is an internal DNS service,which enables access to the gateway interface through a human-memorable domain name,instead of using the LAN IP address.Using the Nmap utility for identifying services on the network, could be consideredharmful activity by network admins and intrusion detection systems. The preset libraryis extensible and generic enough to be included in the default software suite shipping withthe network equipment. Working within the unified configuration system of OpenWrt, thepreset design will add value and allow resellers to easily customize it to their services. Thisproposal could reduce support costs for the service operators and improve user experiencein configuring network gateways.

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