A Systematic Mapping Study on APIs Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Technology

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: This thesis covers the systematic mapping of established public Application Programming Interface (API)s that are employing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This due to the fact that the problem has been the lack of systematic maps of AI APIs in the present time, therefore this thesis has the purpose of increasing the insight in the area by creating the mapping study. The goal is to provide both a basis for research and to aid the general developer which uses the AI APIs. The systematic mapping of the AI APIs will be conducted by examining the information of the APIs and iterations classifying the AI APIs into categories and presented in tables. The analysis and discussion of the study was made based on the results from the study, namely the phases, the iterations, the result tables and the final systematic map. Additionally, an analysis was made on the validity threats of the study. The evaluation of each API in this study was done in cycles, by categorizing each AI API into a category that is included in the final result, which is a systematic map. The result has been proven to be useful for the target group of this study, the researchers and developers, by aiding them in finding the right API for them to use in their work. Therefore, this work will help future developers and researchers due to the fact that the thesis is providing relevant information in the development phases of employing AI in the web interfaces at the present time. 

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