Consumers’ perception of Femvertising as a Digital Marketing Strategy in the Beauty- and Apparel Industry : A Qualitative Study of Swedish Gen Z Consumers

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för företagande, innovation och hållbarhet

Abstract: This paper is about femvertising which is used as a strategy within marketing to attract female consumers. This strategy is done by companies by pushing for gender equality and female empowerment in their ads. There is a lack of research regarding how femvertising affects consumers' purchase intentions and buying behavior. Further research also needs to be done examining female portrayals on digital platforms. The study is done with a qualitative method and inductive approach. In this paper, 20 respondents have participated in in-depth interviews and the respondents are all born between 1995 to 1998, which is called Gen Z, and are also all women. The paper is based on finding codes and converting them into categories which results in themes based on the different interviews. The conclusion of the paper is that social media are leading to purchases due to the possibility of targeting its consumers. Although, consumers easily tend to feel monitored when companies use them for targeting. Influencers can be successful for companies to use if the fit is good so it generates trust for the consumer. Another conclusion is that companies need to use different female portrayals, showing women in all of their uniqueness for them to be more relatable. Social media is an important part when it comes to if consumers will make purchases as it makes information and products easily accessible. Femvertising needs to shine through all of the company, not only the advertising. Companies should also monitor which type of WOM is out there about them as the point of view of other consumers is weighing heavily in affecting purchase intentions.

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