Mellan stat och marknad : Människors arbete i civilsamhället

University essay from Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to get a better understanding over people who work in the civil society work, their commitment and the result of their work with the help of Bourdieus theories concerning capital, fields and doxa. I’ve done five interviews with people working at an organization that has a goal to put young people to work. My first question is how the employee’s capital is developed. During their youth their capital is brought to them from their homes and families. It is also developed in school and close friends. The second question is how this capital is transferred to the youth in their work and how they understand this process. The main transfer is during lessons they do, and during these classes the employees point out this is about developing the youths own capital within them. This is done by making them questioning themselves and society. The employees also understand that the social networking is an important factor in putting the youth to work. The third question is concerning the employees understanding about how they change the field of the society. The employees seem to have a good understanding concerning the changes and it seems like they have a will of doing so. It is done through teaching and going to events, that can be seen as different fields. Through knowledge they try to change the way society is working.

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