Accessibility of Information Visualization for eParticipation

University essay from KTH/Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT)

Abstract: Visualizing information is a large field focussed on using a visual display of information to change or facilitate the user’s thinking. However, creating and interpreting data visualizations is still seen as a task for experts and can even be seen as a daunting task by the general public. Techniques like storytelling with data aim to make visualization more accessible for these users. A fitting application of this approach is to eParticipation, which are processes during which citizens get involved in society and governmental decision making, through a digital medium. In order to enhance the access that all groups have to the progress and results of these participations, an interesting lead is the visualization of the eParticipation processes and results. This would provide participants with insights towards the effect their participation had. Additionally, it would provide decision makers with deeper insight into the opinions and views of the people that will directly be affected by their decisions. This project used the power of information visualization and storytelling with data, to design a concept that achieves this deeper insight into eParticipation results. This report describes the design, usability test and evaluation of a tool that shows the results from an eParticipation in a dashboard, while using a story format to help communicate the key insights. The goal was to accomplish a higher level of accessibility for this type of data for non data analysis experts, i.e., making the visualization easier to understand by everyone. 

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