BIM för landskapsarkitekter : virtuell design och kommunikation

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to describe what Building Information Modeling, BIM, could mean for landscape architects, and also hopefully to make sense of the possibilities and problems of the system. BIM is about virtual design and is based on all consultancy groups in the design team modeling in 3D. Intelligent objects and metadata, such as price and material, are used. The project group has a common interchange format for simple sharing of information. To get an idea of how the situation with BIM for landscape architects looks like today, I collected information mostly through interviews. Landscape architects, clients and contractors were interviewed. Today there is some uncertainty in the industry around which BIM software to use as a landscape architect and there are no obvious choices. To provide an overview of the software situation, I made a compilation of the software mentioned by my respondents. The discussion revolves around how the work process of landscape architects is affected when working in 3D and BIM, and how that process can be improved.

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