Evaluation and Implementation for Pushing Automatic Updates to IoT Devices

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för informationssystem och -teknologi

Abstract: In recent years, Internet of Things has developed rapidly, and now has penetrated into human life and industrial production. It is speculated that the internet of things will become ubiquitous in the future, which will bring a series of problems. First, the large number of things will lead to operated system and software updates consuming a lot of manpower and resources. Another problem is the Internet of things facing security issues, in recent years for the means of Internet of things and tools have been increasing largely. Therefore, to achieve a secure automatic update on the Internet of Things is essential. This report will follow such an automatic update system based on Internet of things to expand. First it elaborated on the main motive of this problem, found three existing related works and three security methods for communication to analyze. Then combined results of analysis, put forward own a secure automatic update solution: manager and devices connect and mutual authentication in real time, at the same time, the manager will regularly check the database to see if there is new version application. When the administrator uploads a new version, the manager will download the version and then sends to all devices, then device installs and finally restart itself. Next, the report described how to implement this system in detail and evaluated it. In the end, this report summarized and introduces the future work.

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