Suitable treatment of source separated greywater for discharge into an Urban Environment

University essay from Lunds universitet/Kemiteknik (CI)

Abstract: It can no longer be refuted that greywater reuse is paramount to curbing the persistent global water crisis. Of the domestic wastewaters, greywater is less polluted than blackwater, but treatment is still necessary to make it safe for reuse. The most common greywater reuse application is toilet flushing. However, the use of vacuum toilets in the Oceanhamnen project, covered in this thesis, means that another greywater reuse application besides toilet flushing is required. One of the proposed greywater reuse applications is recreational purposes i.e. a water park. NSVA and the city of Helsingborg are in the process of constructing residential houses to accommodate roughly 2000 people in the Oceanhamnen area. The houses are fitted with source separating technology. An interesting opportunity is that the greywater generated from housing units could be discharged into the surrounding urban environment. However, for greywater to be discharged into a water park, water regulations dictate that the greywater is treated to ensure a safe discharge. This thesis study aims to recommend a suitable treatment method or a combination of treatment methods that would allow for a safe discharge of treated greywater in to the water park in the Oceanhamnen area. Selection criteria are formulated in order to narrow the scope of the literature review and site visits. A number of relevant treatment methods are found using these selection criteria. Evaluation criteria are also formulated and used to further evaluate the selected treatment methods. Following the selection criteria, the following treatment methods are selected; the Rotating Biological contactor (RBC), Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Constructed wetland and the combined aerobic biofilter & constructed wetland treatment systems. The selected treatment methods are further evaluated using the evaluation criteria. Both the MBR and MBBR systems are deemed successful for treating greywater for reuse though there is need to improve P removal abilities of each system. In line with the aim of this thesis study, the MBBR system is the preferred choice (to the MBR system) as suitable greywater treatment for urban discharge (a water park) in Oceanhamnen.

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