Actions to enhance and support the informationsecurity risk assessment process in corporations

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Abstract: Information security is growing in importance as the world becomes more digital, at the same time the importance of usability implementation in software development is also growing. In this study, an evaluation was done on what affects usability and how important usability is in a reporting tool handling information security risk assessment (ISRA). The research question from which the study is based on: What actions can enhance and support the information security risk assessment process in corporations? In order to investigate the research question a study was organized consisting of a survey (N=30) and a think-aloud usability test (N=7). As a part of the analysis process a usability heuristic analysis was performed. According to this study, the ISRA process is complicated and creating a well-functioning supporting tool for it is complex. In order for the tool to facilitate for the users work, usability is an important aspect and should be taken in consideration early in the development process of a tool. Based on the findings in this study actions that can contribute to enhanced usability were discussed. The recommended actions are: 1) Include all types of roles in the ISRA process to determine the purpose of the tool and what it should support. 2) Implement clear guiding information in all parts of the tool, all people involved in the ISRA process should be able to understand the tool. 3) Keep an intuitive flow throughout the tool, the user should intuitively always know what the next step is and what to expect. 4) Have a search function that supports all aspects in the tool.

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