Braided Body, Strings That Move

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Textilhögskolan

Abstract: The perception of the expression of traditional handcrafts needs to be challenged. Therefore his bachelor degree work aims to develop new expressions in contemporary men`s wear through experimentations with tubular braiding. This works aims to utilize and express a progressive approach of the technique in terms of materials and method with the desire to create a contemporary expression when a handcraft method is utilized in fashion Starting to explore the handcraft technique braiding the tubular braiding technique was found. While the technique itself is similar in expression and properties to flat braiding the tubular braiding opens up for other possibilities for garment construction. Using the tubular braid as a starting point, the aim is to explore new ways of constructing contemporary menswear garments with the technique itself as well to construct new materials and find to a new expressions. The work also deals with the gap between the technique flat braiding, tubular braiding, construction and materials with different properties altering the initial expression of the technique. By experimenting with unconventional materials and scale for such an handcraft technique as braiding the expression and the traditional view of braiding and its construction and use will be altered and questioned - discovering that the tubular braid has possibilities to construct or sculpt garments on the body in a seamless manner. Hopefully machine-engineers of the future can invent new and progressive braiding processes to create fabrics for commercial application in fashion and also understand the potential of the tubular braiding method formed by the examples here.

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