Redesigning Palacky Square to Stimulate Social Interaction

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för planering och mediedesign


Design is about aesthetics and function and in this study following a research problem: How to redesign Palacky Square with vicinity to stimulate social interaction? This study identifies characters, design strategy and implementation of social interaction. The study area is chosen from a falsifying perspective. It is already beautiful and has people in transit, but little chosen interaction. The situation can neither be blamed on the car traffic and walkability is okay. The vicinity is included as understanding the network of public spaces. Theory, observations and interviews creates a seven step design strategy for social interaction implemented in a redesign proposal of Palacky Square with vicinity in Prague. Social Interaction is the awareness of communication between people. Output is serendipity important for well-being and creativity. Design strategy is creating identity, destination making, human sense, activities, diversity, social elements and communicative distances. These are implemented at and around Palacky Square as local centre movement, community store, monastery entrance, outdoor library, space separation, cute statue and more furniture. The usefulness of the report is the summoning of existing theory and design knowledge. Providing tools for both attractiveness and interaction possibilities of public spaces.

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