Self-driving car

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.)

Author: Jacob Ekesund; [2016]

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Imagine to be able to catch a little more sleep on your way to work or school, drive home after a night at the bar or watch a movie on a long road trip. All these things have never been possible before without someone else driving the car, until recent years. Autonomous cars or self-driving cars is being introduced to society more and more and will be the next big step in the progression of personal cars. There are a number of factors that decides how fast this new technology will be adopted. Safety, reliability, ethics and cost to name a few. This project will focus on the cost aspect of self-driving cars by examine if ultrasonic sensors can be used to develop a cheap self-driving car and thereby reach a broad customer base. To determine this a small scale prototype car was built and tested in a highway cruising situation and the results showed that the prototype was able to drive itself.

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