Influence of Ferrite Content on Fatigue Strength of Quenched and Tempered 42CrMoS4 Steel

University essay from KTH/Materialvetenskap


Specimens of steel 42CrMoS4 were quenched from the austenite (γ) and the ferrite (α) + austenite + cementite phase fields to produce fully martensitic matrices with 0 – 14 % ferrite dispersed in the matrix. After tempering at 300°C or 600°C mechanical and fatigue properties were determined. As expected yield strength, tensile strength and hardness decreased with increased tempering temperature and ferrite content. Quite unexpected, the fatigue properties were mildly affected. A small amount of ferrite, approximately 3% even appears to improve the fatigue strength. Then, at even higher ferrite amounts, slightly below 20% the fatigue strength appears to decrease again.

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