Customer flow data visualization for retail analytics

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Abstract: This master thesis collaborates with Axis Communications, which is a Swedish video camera company. The mission for the thesis was to take advantage of Axis developed or developing technology to explore the data value in the retail industry and design a data visualization interface. Shopping via online shopping platforms, customers will leave their shopping journey data and the data can be recorded step by step. By analyzing the conversion rate between different web pages, retailers could narrow down problem areas and even locate problems efficiently. Compared with online shopping platforms, traditional retail stores have limitations on data-collecting and data-integrating. Without analyzing sales numbers, it is difficult for retailers to discover any existing problems during a shopping journey and satisfy their customers by optimizing the shopping journey. Thus, I selected IKEA as my thesis's use study after my comprehensive analysis of camera data-collecting advantages and retailer's concentrated shopping journey data. With a series of user research, I selected to visualize customer flow data, which is an important data reference for making sales plans and designing layout by analyzing the relationship between a customers' path and a Product location. Finally, based on existing data Collection process and data analysis procedure, I define product function, test design prototype and finalize my customer flow data visualization interface combined with Axis brand indentation.

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