The Histography of Eco City Tokyo : A Neoliberal Sustainable Urban City?

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia

Author: Kimiko Nakayama; [2019]

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Abstract: Trend of Sustainability is applied to city planning and try to achieve the sustainable development of a city and a town that is generous to people, environment and vitalise the economy at the same time. Initiatives for sustainable city planning in Japan is organized by the national Government, so called, FutureCity Initiative. This initiative enables to local city and representative to participate and act for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) within a city and aim sustainable development. Chiyoda city is one of the cities elected as an Eco-Model City’s FutureCity project. One of their approaches is to cooperate with local businesses group in Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho district (OMY district) to solve the environmental and social issues and contribute for their city to be sustainable. This thesis focuses on this OMY district that support a huge part of Japanese economy and aim to be the world most sustainable urban city to lead a sustainable earth in the future. When business leaders become main actors of sustainable city making, their business and economic knowledge and the interest to sustainability would be combined and influence the definition and understanding of ‘sustainability.’ It is important to acknowledge that the process of meaning making for sustainability, from a business perspective in capitalism and neoliberal society, has been influenced by historical factors that human beings has been prioritising economic growth and ideology of capitalism and affect the environment and vice versa. This also have impact on the structure of Tokyo including infrastructure, transportation, lifestyle, human behaviour in the future. In this circumstance, will it actually make the city sustainable for its environment, society and economy?

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