Software Reuse And Offshoring: A Study Of Benefits, Difficulties And Feasibility

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Author: Hui Zhou; Monan Yao; [2010-09-24]

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Abstract: CONTEXT – Software Reuse and Offshoring are two promising approaches todecrease cost and increase productivity in software development. There have beenmany researches made in various perspectives on both subjects but none of them haveforced on the relationship between them.OBJECTIVE- The objective of the research is to explore the understanding ofsoftware reuse and offshoring, and to find out the possible outcomes of applying theseapproaches simultaneously in software development.METHOD- Literature review is the main source of the research.RESULT- It is very challenging to apply either of the two approaches in softwaredevelopment. When implementing both approaches at the same time, it requirestremendous efforts and up-front investment to make the change, and the result ofintegration would lead to increasing managerial difficulties.CONCLUSIONS- By studying Software Reuse and Offshoring, we have found thepotential benefits, difficulties and feasibility when combining both approaches inparticular cases of software development.

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