Entrepreneurship in micro-business: Small food shops present business condition considering pandemic in Stockholm

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Företagsekonomi; Högskolan i Gävle/Företagsekonomi

Author: Yasmin Akther; Samsur Rahman; [2020]

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Abstract: Abstract   Topic: Entrepreneurship in micro-business: Small food shops present business condition considering the pandemic in Stockholm. Aim/Purpose of the study: Our research aim/purpose is to analyze the entrepreneurship micro-business food shops present business conditions considering the pandemic situations in the Stockholm area.  Methodology: We have conducted qualitative research on the micro-business operations focusing on small food shops located in the Stockholm area. Primary data collected from different small food shops by conducting short personal interviews; and collected some secondary data from various relevant sources to understand the micro-business performance. Data collected from Korv & Ice-cream shops, Thai Wok shops, Sushi shops, Kebab shops, Indian food shops located in Stockholm area; and our research sample size was 25 shops in total.    Findings & Analysis: We get many useful opinion and insight from the owner/management of the food shops regarding there micro-business entrepreneurship considering the on-going COVID-19. We have analysed our findings with the relevant entrepreneur theories and literature to find the resemblance of the micro-business entrepreneurship in their operations.   Research limitations: Our research scope was limited on few types of micro-business food shops at Stockholm area due to our limited time and resources. Also for the present pandemic situation, it was difficult for us to expand our study further.   Research implications: Our research explains the present effect of the pandemic situations on micro-business entrepreneurship of small food industries. It also posits the future projections of this business sector. This research has contributed on the entrepreneurial theories reflections in the food micro-businesses. It also provides a present social impact of the pandemic in this business sector.   Future research: Our study focused on few types of entrepreneurship food micro-business and covered only a small parts of Stockholm area. So, it leaves to conduct future research on other types of entrepreneurship food micro-business along with other different areas. Future research could be executed at other areas of developed countries to show comparison; or conducted in developing countries and at the emerging market economy.   Keywords: Micro-business, Entrepreneur, pandemic situation, Entrepreneurship, Food shops.   Paper type: Research paper      

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