King City

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


King City is a new citycenter in the expanding Kungens Kurva area in the southern part of Stockholm that combines shopping, service, dwellings and workplaces into a coherent urban environment. The project deals with the expanding city of Stockholm, where areas that before where seen as external, now form the basis of a polycentric city where the divide between innercity and suburbia is disolving.The Kungens Kurva area is today the result of “laissez-faire” planing principles that have allowed big retail companies to establish themself in the area. Since the ninities when the neoliberal ideology prevailed as the new guiding principle for Swedens economy, Kungens Kurva, as well as the retailmarket, has been expanding in a accelerating paste. King City is a architectural answer that anticipates our future city, driven by corporate power and diminishing public planning.

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