GIRLFAGS AND GUYDYKES - Too queer for straights, and too straight for queers

University essay from Malmö universitet/Hälsa och samhälle

Abstract: Aim. To highlight how girlfags and guydykes describe their identities and their experience and interpretation of the identity labels. Background and previous studies. The sexual minority identity of girlfags and guydykes are sometimes perceived as provocative in their contradictory labels. There is little to no previous research on the identities and what is known is mostly presented on internet blogs and forums. The identities seemingly involve aspects on sexual orientation, gender and sexual practice. Research related to sexual minorities, non-normative sex, LGBT and the risk of ill-health with identifying as a sexual minority is presented. Method. Semi-structured interviews in a method of choice was applied to this study so as to ease contact with a sexual minority group. Participants were sought through a Facebook © forum, with a total of eleven interviews with two guydykes and nine girlfags, through video call (2), phone call (1), in person (1), email (6), email with sound files (1). The data was analysed with content analysis. Results and analysis. The results were extensive and had to be delimited. The results were analysed in a sexual constructionist setting using the concept of the heterosexual matrix (Butler, 1990) and the concepts of gender/sex sexuality and nurturance and eroticism presented in van Anders’ (2015) Sexual Configurations Theory (SCT). Three main categories were presented; A play on gender, Sexuality and Orientation, and Identity. Conclusions. There is pride portrayed in the girlfag and guydykes identities. The identity breaks norms regarding gender and sexuality and even sexual orientation within an LGBT context. The results indicate that further research on transgender issues and relational and social aspects of the identities is needed. Keywords: autoandrophilia, gender identity, genderqueer, girlfag, guydyke, homosexuality, LGBT, non-normative, sexual minorities, lesbian man, queer.

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