Evaluation of Third Party Logistics Providers And Their services in Sweden

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/Internationella Handelshögskolan

Author: Godspower Oduose; [2011]

Keywords: Third party logistics; TPL; providers;


This thesis focuses on third party logistics providers in Sweden and their service offerings. The author

examines, evaluate and discuss the range of third party logistics services provided by third party

logistics companies in Sweden. Furthermore, the author categorized the third party logistics providers

using some of proposed frameworks and theories for differentiating third party logistics providers

from previous researchers. This was done to determine the relevant categories that the third party

logistics providers in Sweden belongs to. Moreover, the author made a comparison of the competence

of third party logistics providers in terms of the number of services they offer in Sweden.

The author used the qualitative research approach as the thesis is more exploratory in nature. Basically,

exploratory research is conducted to obtain greater understanding of a concept or to help clarify

ambiguous problem. The author interview four (4) third party logistics providers in Sweden and other

information such as the provider’s website information and annual reports was used in the analysis.

It is interesting to note that, relationship between third party logistics providers and their customer is a

major factor when classifying providers into different category. Some of the theories proposed by

previous researcher on the classification of third party logistics provider have become obsolete due to

the fact that the relationship between the third party logistics providers and their customers has evolve

over the years from formal cooperation to strategic alliance and joint ownership.

Some of the companies are less competent than others in terms of the services they offer in each of

the third party logistics service categories. This does not necessarily make them weaker because the

services they offer in each of the categories are being driven by the company’s business strategy to stay

competitive in the third party logistics industry. Furthermore, although size and global status give some

competitive advantages, adopting different strategies such as creating a niche market in a particular

service or a particular industry will provide major competitive advantages to third party logistics


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