Integration of transparency into packaging design

University essay from Lunds universitet/Förpackningslogistik

Author: Emma Pignères; [2018]

Keywords: Agriculture and Food Sciences;

Abstract: Transparency has become a key sales pitch for companies! It enables them to show their product and tell the consumers they do not have nothing to hide. But from a technical point of view, transparency implies many risks for product's quality such as photooxidation and other reactions leading to colour change and decrease of product's quality. The objective of this master thesis, conducted within the French company Danone, was to study the impact of transparency on the sensitive molecules present in fermented dairy and plant-based products. The final aim was to propose packaging solutions and to provide design guidelines to integrate transparency into Danone's packaging. The current light test protocol used in Danone was thus assessed to define a new one. Organoleptic evaluation, gas chromatography, pH and Dornic degree, colour and headspace gas composition measurements.

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