National Swedish environmental objectives and detailed devlopment plans, the case of Gävleborg County : Planning a good built environment - a change of perspectives

University essay from Umeå universitet/Kulturgeografi

Abstract: National Swedish environmental objectives and detailed development plans A good built environment - a change of perspectives The aim of this paper is to analyze if the environmental quality objectives ‘a good built environment’ can be implemented in the municipal detailed plans and/or how it is done today. In addition to a number of interviews with people within the academy and government, a document analysis of detailed development plans has been done. As of today, you can not completely do planning based entirely on the environmental objectives and it is perhaps not desirable. In the study it emerges that there are uncertainties in what the environmental quality objectives really are and how they should be used, therefore, is also the implementation of the objectives to some extent different in the detailed development plans (if they are used at all). Within the environmental objective ‘a good built environment’ and its sub-goals one can find both concrete and more unsolid goals, as part of this, goal conflicts arise and problems with implementing the various goals within detailed development plans. Some conclusions are that short-term economic goals stands in the way for a change in perspectives that is needed, if goal achievement should be reached. 

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