Northwest European female conversion to Islam and conceptualization of prejudices, discrimination and “Otherness”

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Teologiska institutionen

Author: Nika Sturm; [2017]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: This paper aims at depicting the current setting of female converts in Northwest Europe, as well as key areas of prejudices and discrimination faced by the researched group. Based on secondary research, this paper draws upon qualitative and quantitative data gathered through structured literature review process, and looking into post-WW2 publications. The female converts to Islam are identified as a small part in the terms of population, but with a strong influential potential in the terms of interfaith linking. Converts are facing prejudices from both their ex-religious and the new religious community. The key areas for further research in this field are identified, based on the gaps in current research. The rise in conversion to Islam, especially after September 11, resulted in re-shaping and re-defining Islam in Europe, and as an outcome of those processes new questions are being raised, such as the concepts of Euro-Islam, as well as the role converts could play in the society.

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