Analysis of Swedish pollutants

University essay from KTH/Matematik (Inst.)

Author: David Berglund; [2012]

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Today’s environmental reports contain flaws in the acquired data. This master thesis has the mission to alleviate the estimations of those flaws. The data in question, originates from Swedish industrial facilities.

The thesis involves data-treatment by statistical analysis, which is done through fitting a model by the means of analysis of variance and multilevel modeling. The thesis also involves gathering and work with data from databases, as well as systematic treatment, sorting, categorization and evaluation of the data material.

Calculations are made through the SAS statistical analysis program, which rendered estimates of fixed, linear and random effects. The results are presented through graphs and numerical estimates in the later part of the report. Calculations for estimations of the grand pollutant totals are conducted. These are compared to the observed data for relevance. Alternative ways on working on the problem at hand is discussed, as well as problems that have appeared during the work on the master thesis. The relevant code and calculations are attached towards the end.

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