Code Generationfor UML Composite Structure Diagrams

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Sofia Backman; [2018]

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Abstract: Distributed, real-time, embedded systems development is a long and complex processwhere demand for development improvements are high. One such potentialimprovement is the implementation of code generation. Code generation refers tothe generation of source code from a model.The goal of this report is to improve the development process of a communicationalsystem component by implementing code generation for that component. The goal isalso to evaluate what improvements in time and error reduction have been achievedthrough the code generation implementation.In this report, a model is created using the UML-modeling environment Papyrus, fromwhich communication configuring source code for the publish/subscribe paradigm canbe generated automatically. To generate the code a compiler translating the model tothe corresponding source code is implemented. Through a case-study the codegenerator proved to generate the intended code and showed potential to be a toolfor improving development time and reduce the amount of errors introduced duringdevelopment.

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