Gårdsbutiken : att välja marknadsföringsstrategi

University essay from SLU/Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Author: Mattias Andersson; [2004]

Keywords: konsument;

Abstract: The agriculture of today is getting larger and larger and it demands more efficient machines to handle these larger units. But all farmers don't have the opportunities or don't want to expand. What should they do if they want to remain on the farm? An alternative is to start a farm shop. This is the reason why I have chosen to do a degree project about how to market a farm shop. The study has been made at Axelssons i Aby and at Tiraholms Fisk. I have done a depth interview and a questionnaire on both the farms. The interview was about how they reach new customers and how to keep the customers they already have. The questionnaire was about how the customers have observed the marketing, and if they have visited the farm shop because of the marketing or if they visited it because of any other reason. When you are about to marketing a product or a farm shop, then you have to considerate what product you have or were the farm shop is located. Who are the customers and were do they live? To avoid some mistakes, then it is suitable to examine the opportunities and threats in the neighbourhood. The examination is called SWOT. The companies I have been studied haven't done a SWOT. Instead they have done a profiling, that means that you create a valueadded of your product. You do that by add facts and apprehensions to that the customers already know. I have chosen these two farm shops as, in my point of view, they have succeeded. But why do the customers come to them? The owners of the farm shops tell me that the customers comes because of the quality of the products and because of the friendly treatment they give them. I can guarantee that they care for their customers. The two farm shops have chosen different strategies for their marketing. Axelssons has chosen to concentrate their marketing to the local market, and Tiraholms Fisk has chosen to participate at different trade fairs, but they don't advertise in the local newspaper. The choice that Axelssons made about their marketing should result in a clientele who comes from the local area. The customers to Tiraholms Fisk should have a longer way to travel if the marketing has been successful. According to my investigation most of the customers are from the local area. In both cases above 70 % of the customers knew about the farm shops true their relatives and because of they comes from the local area. Almost 60 % of the customers had travelled less then 20 km. The result shows that Axelssons has succeeded whit their marketing. According to the investigation Tiraholms Fisk has not succeeded whit their marketing. But the investigation is made at the beginning of April so the result can be questioned. Those customers who Tiraholms Fisk is trying to reach they probably come at the summertime. Both the farm shops business concept is to produce and sell products with high and even quality. This they have succeeded with. If my investigation had been made at the summer I am certain that the result had showed that they had succeeded with the marketing.

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