Development of an Open-source Multi-objective Optimization Toolbox

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Maskinkonstruktion

Author: Soheila Aeeni; [2019]

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Abstract: The industrial trend is currently to increase product customization, and at the same time decrease cost, manufacturing errors, and time to delivery. These are the main goal of the e-FACTORY project which is initiated at Linköping university to develop a digital framework that integrates digitization technologies to stay ahead of the competitors. e-FACTORY will help companies to obtain a more efficient and integrated product configuration and production planning process. This thesis is a part of the e-FACTORY project with Weland AB which main mission is the optimization of spiral staircase towards multiple disciplines such a scost and comfortability. Today this is done manually and the iteration times are usually long. Automating this process could save a lot of time and money. The thesis has two main goals, the first part is related to develop a generic multi-objective optimization toolbox which contains NSGA-II and it is able to solve different kinds of optimization problems and should be easy to use as much as possible. The MOO-toolbox is evaluated with different kinds of optimization problems and the results were compared with other toolboxes. The results seem confident and reliable for a generic toolbox. The second goal is to implement the optimization problem of the spiral staircase in the MOO-toolbox. The optimization results achieved in this thesis shows the benefits of optimization for this case and it can be extended by more variables to obtain impressive results.

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