Södergård - a Swedish chair

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Abstract: This master degree project has had the purpose of designing a chair for small scale serial production in Sweden. Origin has been a big focus point, and the wood has been carefully selected to minimise ecological footprint through transportation of the product. Another focus point has been the complicated process of designing a chair that is unique. The report includes the background of the carpentry where the chair is thought to be manufactured, the process of the design work with methodology and sources of inspiration. Included in the report are also the manufacturing process and a description of the final result. The outcome of the project was two chair prototypes, designed to be used either one by one in order for the user to be allowed to vary the sitting posture, or two by two to encourage social interaction. The design is simple and typically Scandinavian with the bright ash wood and stretcherless legs. Despite this a lot of effort has been put into the detailing and the joining technique. Taking a closer look at the design one will see great attention to detail in the joinery of the parts.

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