4000K a luminaire

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Abstract: There are great risks of a multitude of injuries due to poor light at construction sites. This leads ultimately to costly counteractions from society. The goal of this project was to put construction workers’ situation in the spotlight by giving construction sites better vision ergonomics through providing enough, even and glare-free light. With the GARO Ball luminaire as benchmark I designed a luminaire with hooks and loops out of steel wire and a shape which asks the builder to model the light according to needs. To dim the light there is new technology in other fields which enables an easy way to smart construction sight lighting. Better placements of the luminaire and the possibility to dim the light created better vision conditions at indoor construction sites. The project involved external expertise and guidance as well as interviews and user tests. The result was measured in an experiment which proved it to reduce contrasts in the environment up to three times compared with the GARO Ball.

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