Construction and testing of a cosmic raydetector for the House of Science

University essay from KTH/Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI)

Author: Emma Leckström; [2009]

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Abstract:       This Master’s Thesis discusses the construction and possible use of a cosmic raymuon detector at the House of Science. A scintillatorbased detector has been developed from the detector used in the Stockholm Educational Air Shower Array (SEASA) project. The SEASA detectors were placed on school roofs inside car ski boxes and were therefore visible to students. The new detector is possible for students to handle by themselves. The new detector consists of three detector plates that are placed on top of each other separated by 33 cm. The school programme developed for students in the upper secondary school focuses on encouraging students to learn how they could work with data analysis and how a scientific model is developed and changed with time. The main method used is developed by Millar et al. (1999) which studies if a laboratory exercise is e ffective or not. The task tested in this thesis is shown to be effective on level 1, but can hopefully be effective on level 2 with some changes. It is also shown possible for the students to contribute to the meaning of the task.    

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