Security Aspects of Cloud Computing – Perspectives within Organizations

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för bibliotek, information, pedagogik och IT; Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för bibliotek, information, pedagogik och IT

Abstract: Cloud computing has become a significant and well-known term within a short period of time. Some parts of it might even be considered as unclear, including its vague definition. Cloud computing has rapidly and successfully come to perform an essential role within information technology and therefore in how organizations are managing their IT departments today. Its many advantages allure organizations to deploy a cloud solution. Despite the flourishing growth of cloud computing it still has its draw backs. One of its problems has come to be acknowledged as security issues, which has resulted in many companies deciding not to deploy a cloud solution and instead retain their traditional system. This qualitative study will come to investigate the perspective of organizations regarding security within cloud computing. The aim is to outline the security aspects conferred by Swedish organizations as there already is existing information concerning security issues. The empirical study is based on the gathered information from conducted semi-structured interviews. This study resulted in the findings of seven security aspects outlined by organizations, with the main reason concerning the uncertainty and towards the services of cloud computing. These security aspects are essential as they are set by organizations that have the potentiality to become cloud users, but for certain reasons decide not to. From the outlined security aspects, a close relationship can be identified to the already known security problems. These problems have strengthened the meaning of the security aspects, and that they are based on real concerns that can be connected to real problems.

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