EMC Test Equipment for 5G at Ericsson : Recomission and optimisation of test equipment for radiated immunity 1-10 GHz

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära

Abstract: As demand for 5G networks increase, so does the development of network products. In-house testing is essential during the development stage as it enables faster product releases. A part of in-house testing is the product verification stage that includes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests. These tests ensure that the equipment will not disturb or be disturbed by electric field from itself or other equipment in its vicinity. One of these tests includes function testing of the product in an incident electromagnetic field, called radiated immunity. To perform this test a certain test equipment setup is needed, consisting of a signal generator, amplifier and antenna. It is the antenna that radiates this invisible electromagnetic field that can only be measured with a field probe. Measurements have to be performed in order to define an uniform field area (UFA) in which the incident electromagnetic field is applied to the equipment under test (EUT). The purpose of the thesis is to develop the radiated immunity operation test procedures and test equipment in order for Ericsson to obtain full in-house EMC testing. Firstly, a theoretical review was conducted on EMC testing standards and procedures. Followed by a theoretical assessment of the current test equipment. Experimental measurements were conducted to validate theory and determine the optimal placement of the test equipment. The outcome of the thesis is a fully operational in house test setup for radiated immunity 1–10 GHz as well as test instructions that were written on how to perform this test. So that Ericsson can perform all EMC product verification tests during the design stage of their network products. Key words 5G, internet, network, electromagnetic compatibility, EMC, radiated immunity, test, standard, equipment.

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