How to gain a quality overview in Complex large system: An exploratory case study of self-driving car project at Volvo Cars.

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Abstract: Tracking of quality state of products during continuous development is important,especially if the development is carried out in a complex domain. Perhaps, a goodquality overview would enable effective decision making of stakeholders on progressstatus, follow-up tasks, and improvement plan. In practice, while many stakeholdersmight be experts in their scope of working and might have a deep understanding ofthe quality state of their part of the product, reviewing the quality state of productsat an integration level or end-to-end is quite challenging as most stakeholders undergo the same scope. Although visualizing verification activities (testing strategies)has been addressed in previous studies, there is a need to study how to deliver aquality overview at an abstraction level that would give a convenient way of presenting the quality state of products to every stakeholder. In this study, we explored thisgap and reported on an empirical study that investigates challenges, opportunitiesof the current quality overview and possible elicitation of quality overview attributesin aspect with different scopes from the different stakeholders. In our exploratorycase study, we have conducted semi-structured interviews with 16 stakeholders. Asa result, we have explored the chain of challenges in the foundation, life-cycle, andvisualization of quality overview, together with valuable opportunities of certainquality overview tools which are existing in the case company, identified the convenient key performance indicators(KPIs) and how different stakeholders prefer toget their quality overview visualized. In the end, we proposed an alternative qualityoverview solution that appeared to be gone through an expert review evaluation inthe case company.

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