Assessment of Volume of fluid Method for high-pressure gasinjection into liquid

University essay from KTH/Mekanik

Author: Yoko Tanabe; [2015]

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Abstract: Carbonated sparkling water has been widely used from ancient age [1]. The original ideacame from natural sparkling water and people believed that taking baths at carbonatedhot springs was good for health and healed their sicknesses. This fact led people to startthinking that sparkling water could have more effective uses. Joseph Priestley success-fully produced artificial carbonated water in 1767 and sparkling water quickly becamewidely spread because it gives people refreshing feeling. The bottled and canned beverageindustry has grown from the 19th century and has become one of the biggest markets inthe world. According to Bloomberg Intelligence and Euromonitor, the global market ofthe carbonated beverages is around 350 billion dollar. One main drawback was that itwas not possible to re-cork the bottle to save the carbonation so that once it was opened,fizz was kept only for a short time. In 1813, the method to dispense a portion of carbon-ated water was invented by Charles Plinth[2]. This was the origin of the Soda Syphon.As the demand of sparkling water increased, the machine with which people could makesparkling water by themselves was introduced. Recently, it has become a very popularhome appliance, especially in Europe and North America. The most common way tocarbonate water is by injecting high-pressure CO2 into a water bottle. However, currentsystems waste a lot of CO2 during this carbonating process. In this thesis, the flow insidethe bottle during the injection of CO2 into water was studied in order to determine the pa-rameters that had most influence on the carbonation process. CFD (Computational FluidDynamics) simulations were performed in STAR-CCM+ of an axisymmetric 2D modeland a 3D model that was a 30 degree wedge of the real bottle shape. The Volume of Fluidmethod was used to solve the multiphase flow of gas and liquid. The RANS approachwas used with k

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