Vector Meson Masses in AdS/QCD

University essay from Lunds universitet/Teoretisk partikelfysik; Lunds universitet/Institutionen för astronomi och teoretisk fysik

Abstract: We study the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence (AdS/CFT correspondence) and investigate in a scalar model how n point functions can be calculated through functional derivatives and how they can be obtained with the use of Witten diagrams instead. We also study a previous anti-de Sitter/quantum chromodynamics (AdS/QCD) model where the mass of the phi meson has not been considered. It turns out to be equivalent to the mass of the rho meson. A fact that is not supported experimentally. In an attempt to obtain better results for the phi meson mass we do a slight modification to the existing model. However our modifications led to computational difficulties and although some results could be obtained none agreed well with experimental data.

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