Modular MiniTest Tester

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Datavetenskap

Abstract: RealTest is a company located in V¨aster˚as, Sweden, that works with embedded systems and test systems. RealTest had a need for a new test system for one of their products, the MiniTester (MT) mk2 that is used to test Drive Control Units (DCUs) used on trains. The problems that had to be solved were, finding out the most common faults of the product, make the test system modifiable and scalable, have a software running on a Windows PC with a working GUI and test logic and design a hardware component measurement unit to generate and measure signals. The system described in this report is the software parts of the developed MiniTest tester that runs on a Windows PC as well as the hardware design. The programming of the measurement unit and the testing of that unit is not covered by this report. The hardware consist of custom PCBs and Arduino boards. The Windows PC programs implemented a GUI and test logic according to the goals with a few exceptions left for further work. These programs have been evaluated by emulating the hardware. The system is shown to be modifiable in practice by implementation and scalable in theory

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