Missnöjesrörelser i den svenska välfärdsstaten : En studie av "Försäkringskassanupproret!"

University essay from Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Abstract: The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to examine posts in the facebook group“Försäkringskassanupproret!” and it’s discontent with the Swedish Social Insurance Agencyas a part in a larger critique of the welfare state and its institutions. To do this we developed atheoretical framework out of the literature surrounding grievance and framing through whichwe analyzed our research material. The material in question consists of personal stories postedunder the tag in question. We argue that the group's goals remain flimsy at best and undefinedat worst, mainly working as a group founded on discontent and perceived wrongs. Thedifficulty observed is mainly found to be the groups inability to properly diagnose the sourceof their discontent and create a prognosis and a motivation to act. Our conclusion is that thecritique put forth by the facebook group towards the agency in question is inadequate in beingable to properly achieve any substantive change.

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