Development of a single-step fabrication process for nanoimprint stamps

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för Informationsvetenskap, Data– och Elektroteknik (IDE)

Author: Khan Mohammad Moniruzzaman; [2011]

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In this work we have investigated and developed an uncomplicated one step fabrication method to construct Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) stamps with sub-100nm resolution. The fabrication method includes Electron Beam Lithographical (EBL) patterning using negative tone resist Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ). Particular attention has been paid to the HSQ resist since it has a distinguished advantage over other types of negative resists due to its structural conversion from cage structure to network structure after thermal treatment at 300-400⁰C.

Here we bring our effort to define characteristics of HSQ and the optimal conditions to construct Nanoimprint stamps with HSQ on Si/SiO2 substrate and investigate pattern transfer itself to a resist in a thermal NIL process.

We have studied basic parameters of HSQ such as deposition and adhesion behaviour, sensitivity to e-beam with different energy, development conditions etc.

Together with this fabricated stamps have been used to study the imprint process parameters in hot embossing pattern transferring. Effect of imprinting temperature, pressure, duration of the process has been studied in relation to imprint process quality and resolution.

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