Understanding Graduate Employability - Fit with the Company : The Employer Perspective

University essay from Högskolan Kristianstad/Sektionen för hälsa och samhälle

Abstract: Today, there is a mismatch between business graduates and employers in the labor market, interms of fit. Much of this mismatch is due to a lack of understanding of the needs of individualemployers. Previous research has not taken into consideration contextual and individualdifferences, which significantly affects what employers want. Hence, in order to understand theemployability of business graduates, one has to recognize the diversity in employer needs,which entails studying the role of organizational identity in employer requirements. The purpose of this research was to get a more comprehensive understanding of how individualemployers in Sweden experience different aspects of Graduate Employability. The dissertationfurther builds on significant research on Graduate Employability, thus making it a study ofdeductive nature. In order to increase the understanding of Graduate Employability, we optedfor an exploratory and qualitative approach. With the use of interviews, we were able to collectin-depth empirical data that were based on real-life experiences and working environments offive individual employers. Our findings illustrated Graduate Employability from a more practical perspective, thusoffering a more nuanced understanding of what employers expect and want from businessgraduates. Not only did we illuminate the concept of Graduate Employability, but we alsohighlighted the importance getting to know the employers and their needs. The contribution of this thesis will help aspiring business graduates to improve theiremployability, but the findings also have implications for higher education institutions andemployers alike.

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