Examining the Critical Success Factors for Robotic Process Automation in Small-Medium Enterprises

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: This thesis aims to provide information regarding which critical success factors that are beneficial for small and medium enterprises when implementing Robotic Process Automation. It has been done by identifying 11 critical success factors from 14 academic research articles treating Critical Success Factor’s in Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planner implementations. The 11 factors have been chosen based on the amount of mentions in the articles. By conducting qualitative interviews, we have accomplished an analysis about the different critical success factors and how relevant they are for small and medium enterprises during Robotic Process Automation implementations. We compared our participants rankings, motivations and opinions with the literature in order to find similarities and differences that led to our conclusion. The conclusion showed tendency’s that most of the critical success factors researched, were also applicable to Robotic Process Automation implementations in small and medium enterprises. The study also helped to create 3 new factors that were not mentioned in the literature.

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