Comparative Study of Dissuasive Emergency Signage

University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för Brandteknik

Abstract: This thesis investigates dissuasive emergency signage conveying a message of not utilizing a specific exit door. The thesis analyzes and highlights which features of dissuasive emergency signage have the largest impact on observer preference, interpretation and noticeability of the signage, in addition to analyzing the possibility and effects of causing an increased sense of urgency amongst the observers. It is shown that features which clearly negate the original exit- message of the original exit signage are most effective, for instance a red LED (light emitting diode) X-marking placed across the entirety of the exit signage conveys a clear dissuasive message which is easily understandable by observers. Other features of note are red flashing lights and alternation of color. Affecting the sense of urgency of the observer results in faster decision making times and a mindset more prone to searching for and following signs and instructions, which is considered a positive effect. The sense of urgency is largely affected by sensory inputs such as red flashing lights or other features which cause the signs to break the tendencies of normalcy.

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