Planning of a Production layout for a Swedish manufacturing company : A case study at REHOBOT Rotex AB

University essay from Jönköping University/JTH, Produktionsutveckling; Jönköping University/JTH, Produktionsutveckling

Abstract: Plant layout is the heart of any production line because if the layout is not properly laid, there can be numerous consequences. Planning a layout for an SME is the most crucial and tedious job for a manufacturer because it is time-consuming and sometimes a costly process. Therefore, there is a need to choose appropriate methods to overcome certain problems and plan a good layout for the SMEs.The purpose of this thesis report is to explore methods that can help to plan the layout according to the requirements provided by the SME. This involves a detailed study conducted to understand the processes at the case company. However, change of layout is not just making changes to the existing layout, but some SMEs must plan a completely new layout where they can start from scratch. Similarly, in this case, a Swedish manufacturing company REHOBOT Rotex AB has provided all the data required for planning the layout. This leads the authors to study the entire production flow to know the current layout and identify the problems that exist in the plant. The approach of this thesis was a case study where the company has provided all the details like documents, current layout plans, and video recording of the plant.The study shows that maximum time is spent in the replenishment of storage and unnecessary movement of materials between the machines in the current facility. These activities can be classified as Nonvalue added or just can be addressed as waste. Therefore, there is a need to implement lean tools and use the SLP method to plan the new layout systematically. This method led to form alternative layout plans that consisted of changes made depending on the current layout. These changes will fetch the advantages and disadvantages that can further help in evaluating the alternatives using WFA. Once evaluated, the layout that turned out to be the best will be suggested and presented to the case company.

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