A Swedish Perspective on Japanese as a Third Language. The Effects of English as Second Language

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för språk och litteraturer

Abstract: Higher Japanese language studies in Sweden are exclusively taught through Englishtextbooks. Previous research within the field of third language (L3) acquisition has studied theeffects of mediating languages on L3, but not on Japanese specifically. This paper intended toinvestigate the effects of mediating English as a second language (ESL) on Japanese languageacquisition among Swedish language students. To gather the research data, glossary learningtests in Swedish and English were created. There were 12 participants in total, 7 participantsin the Swedish group (SG) and 5 in the English group (EG). The results show a mean value ofthe test scores at 18,43 for SG and 17,2 for EG. The overall test scoring between the twogroups did not greatly differ but the reported experiences show that more participants in EGperceived the test as cumbersome and difficult than the most participants in SG. However,the small sample size and uneven distribution of participants between the two groups makethe results statistically insignificant. The current study is perceived as a pilot study and canhopefully guide future researchers within the field to investigate the matter further.

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