Energy Survey and Energy Savings in an Office Building with Aid of Building Software

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Institutionen för teknik och byggd miljö; Högskolan i Gävle/Institutionen för teknik och byggd miljö

Abstract: Simulation is one of the best Analytical tools for Building Research .Energy Efficient Buildings are of great concern which is gaining importance steeply in this energy scarcity’s world. Selected for the thesis work is a small Office building (Mariannelund), located in Jönköping. The building is single-storied with 26 rooms. The study motive involves Energy Survey and to provide, investigate Energy conservation measures. The Energy simulation software used is the IDA indoor climate and energy 3.0. (ICE).Data included was from the provided (Specifications) and with the review of architectural drawings. Energy saving measures was analyzed, documented with respect to their feasibility and practical operational strategies. Measures concerning the modifications in the building envelope; retrofit insulation, shading devices and other improvements leading to savings of energy have been tested and are supplemented with results. The Proposed Model which is with the combined Energy saving measures yields annual energy savings of about 70% and also working efficiency is increased by 37% compared to the existing building’s Baseline model.Considering the economic aspects together with the thermal response of employees the analyzed energy saving measures are highly recommended.

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